Carnegie Mellon University x Samsung

Project was born of a simple question: How can we design robots that people trust in their homes? Over the project lifecycle, the team behind Project partnered with Samsung Electronics to test leading brands of robot vacuum cleaners and conduct comprehensive ethnographic user research to uncover the design breakdowns that damage trust in autonomous devices—and the innovative design modalities that can restore it. The result? POWERbot Lumos. An in-home robot that does more than clean your floor, serving as a unified home health system that cares for our homes, our health and our families.

Meet The Team

Neil Bantoc

Neil was previously an Android app developer for four years before realizing that he’s done learning how to “build the thing right” and now wants to learn how to “build the right thing” through HCI.

Peggy Chau

Peggy has a background in Biology and Psychology (Neuroscience) and previously worked as a research coordinator at a clinical neuroscience lab at Massachusetts General Hospital. Her future interests are in UX research and design within the healthcare technology realm.

Mark Micheli

Mark is a product launch specialist and service designer with leadership experience in consulting and media organizations. Most recently, he was the head of digital marketing at Bloomberg Government. Prior, he was a product strategist and editor at The Atlantic.

Kristina Wagner

Kristina has worked as a UI designer in long-term behavior interventions at the University of Geneva and in Just-in-Time interventions at two startups: Captions in Pittsburgh and Mobile Thinking in Geneva. She wants to understand how HCI can be used to address humanitarian disasters.

Angel Yu

Angel is a product designer specializing in visual communication and interaction design. She has created digital and brand experiences for Logitech, Skillsoft and the Chinese Academy of Social Sciences. She aspires to create experiences that affect people’s everyday lives.