Problem Space:

How can we make people feel comfortable with robots in their homes?

What do users say about the robot vaccums of today?

It feels like I’m babysitting a drunk toddler.

Cultural Probe Participant, Mother of Two


Through our research and user testing, we've identified trust as a big problem area.
Ultimately, robot vacuums need to gain that trust through three guiding principles:


Keep the user in the loop by allowing them a certain degree of control


Communicate to the user what the robot vacuum is doing and why


Remind the user that the robot is here to care for them, not the other way around


POWERbot Lumos

Clean comes to light

Product Components

POWERbot Lumos is made up of four major components, each playing its part in building trust

2-in-1 Handle

Intuitive Controls

Ambient Display

Mobile App

2-in-1 Handle

The 2-in-1 handle brings back control to the user.

Intuitive Controls

Foot-pressable buttons as well as
improved error recovery, feedforward and
feedback through context-specific light sequences.

Ambient Display Dock

Gentle reminders for a healthier home.

Mobile App

Controlling the health of your home

Health Dashboard

Providing the user with metrics that determine the health of their home.

Redesigned Control

Simplifying and giving heirarchy to the different modes of controls.

Learning Log

Communicating learning.